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Porto Santo Island


Porto Santo

The island of Porto Santo is a paradise of gold and blue, where the rhythm of everything is serene and perfect for relaxation and rest. Located in the Atlantic Ocean, 11 kilometers long and 6 kilometers wide, Porto Santo has always been known as the Golden Island for its 9 kilometers of soft sandy beaches bathed in turquoise waters.

Porto Santo has a mild climate throughout the year, with sea temperatures between 17ºC and 22ºC, making the island always attractive, even in winter.

Despite its small size, the island's capital, Vila Baleira, has many attractions. The city is centred on its main square, Largo do Pelourinho and Infante Gardens. The palm tree and bougainvillea-lined streets are perfect for a relaxing stroll.

There's no shortage of restaurants here, offering plenty of opportunities to sample the island's specialties: kebabs on skewers, slathered in garlic butter, or the famous bolo do caco (bread baked on a tile), made with yam Bread and also served with garlic butter.

A stroll around the pier will give you the opportunity to admire traditional crafts made from local materials such as shells, palm leaves, walking sticks and clay. If you want to experience the island's history and culture, in addition to the Christopher Columbus House Museum, the beautiful tiled panels of the adjacent 17th-century church are worth a visit.

But the main feature of Porto Santo is undoubtedly its beaches. Said to have healing properties, the sand and water are rich in iodine, calcium and magnesium, which makes them very beneficial for treating rheumatism and bone disorders.

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